Police Recruitment 2017

Police recruitment 2017 is the opportunity provided by the State Government to serve and maintain law and order. Each year, Thousands of individuals are being selected for various posts like Constable, Head constable, ASI, SI, Home guard, Warder, Jail Prahari and Dog handlers.

State Wise Police recruitment 2017

You can simply grab this opportunity to get selected in your respective State police department. To get further information about the State wise Police job vacancies, Go through the complete article given below.

AP Police Recruitment

Andhra Pradesh Police department secures AP state and most of it from sea borders across the state. Details about the recruitment in Andhra Pradesh Police Department can be checked from the official website of AP police and also from ap.policerecruitments.in. To get more details on AP state police recruitment 2017- Click here.

Assam Police Recruitment

Assam Police secures 78438 Sq. Km area which varies from plain surfaces to high mountains. Assam police do have current strength of 61310 soldiers. Assam police recruits candidates for different posts like constable, Sub Inspectors. Home guard and wardens etc. To get details about Assam Police recruitment 2017, visit assam.policerecruitments.in.

Bihar Police Recruitment

Bihar Police department was formed in 1935. It guards Bihar throughout the state and across Nepal Border. Bihar police department includes various small security agencies along with Para Military forces. Recruitment in Bihar police department is taken as per the order of Director General of Police and latest updates for Bihar police recruitment 2017 can be checked from bihar.policerecruitments.in.

Chhattisgarh Police Recruitment

As Chhattisgarh state was formed in 2000, the same year, Police department for Chhattisgarh was established. Before that, MP police taken care of law and order in Chhattisgarh. Currently there are 18 Armed Battalions under CG police and still the department is recruiting new individuals. To get updates about CG Police recruitment 2017, Visit chhattisgarh.policerecruitments.in.

Chandigarh Police Recruitment

Chandigarh is an Union Territory, so it is being guarded by its own police department. Chandigarh police recruits new candidates as of the orders of Inspector General of Police. Physical Test of Chandigarh police is considered as the hardest physical examination for police recruitment. To get latest details about Chandigarh police recruitment 2017, Visit chandigarh.policerecruitments.in.

Delhi Police Recruitment

Delhi Police Department was established in 1861 and today 84,536 individuals are serving under Delhi Police. Before 1948, it was the part of Punjab police. Its one of the largest police departments of India. Its secures around 1,483 sq. Km area and a total population of 16,753,235. To get details about recruitment in Delhi police, we recommend you to visit delhi.policerecruitments.in.

Goa Police Recruitment

Goa police manages the law and protects the rights of public in Goa. Goa Police department was established in 1966 and all responsibility related to law and enforcement were handed over by Indian Military. Being the smallest state of India, Goa police department in not that large. Visit goa.policerecruitments.in for information related to recruitment in Goa Police.

Gujarat Police Recruitment

Gujarat Police came in existence when Gujarat separated from the Greater Mumbai in 1960. Gujarat police have 4 commissioner offices situated in Vadodara, Rajkot, Surat and Ahmedabad city. As Gujarat is bordered  with Pakistan, Gujarat police need to take care of any kind of threat and trespassing through the border. Recruitment in Gujarat police is conducted each year and complete information about recruitment details can be checked from gujarat.policerecruitment.in.

Haryana Police Recruitment

Haryana was established on 1st November 1966 and before that Punjab State police was governing law and enforcement in Haryana state. The day when Haryana was divided, Haryana police had 12,165 personnel working and now a day, Haryana police have the strength of 56,747 working personnel. Haryana Police recruitment Board is responsible for conducting recruitment exams for filling up the vacant positions in Haryana Police. Visit haryana.policerecruitments.in for getting details about latest vacancies in Haryana Police.

HP Police Recruitment

Department of Home Affairs has direct control of Himachal Pradesh Police and the police department is headed up by Director General of Police. Himachal Pradesh is a land of mountains and managing law and order in such an area is not that easy. Himachal Pradesh police secures all area in HP border to border until army takes over at international borders. All details related to HP police recruitment 2017 can accessed from hp.policerecruitments.in.

Jharkhand Police Recruitment

Jharkhand was ripped out from Bihar and was confirmed to be an Indian State in year 2000. Jharkhand police department was established along with the new state (Jharkhand). Class I officers are being recruited in Jharkhand police by conducting Combined Civil Services Examination by JPSC. Various other police vacancies for Constable and Inspectors etc are filled by direct recruitment. More details about Jharkhand Police and recruitment for various vacancies are available at jharkhand.policerecruitments.in.

J&K Police Recruitment

Jammu Kashmir Police department came into existence in 1873 and it secures total area of 222,240 sq. km along the borders of Pakistan and China. During years 1943-44, only 3179 individual were in serving in J&K police and now a total of 83,000 employees are serving in J&K police department and still each year, new aspirants are being recruitment by the JK Police recruitment board. More updates about the recruitment of J&K police are available at jammukashmir.policerecruitments.in.

Karnataka Police Recruitment

Karnataka State Police department recruitment are being searched frequently by those who want to serve there state of Karnataka. Each year Karnataka Police department avails notification for the recruitment in various categories like Constable, head constable, SI, Home guard and Warders etc. To apply for Karnataka Police recruitment 2017, candidates should first have all details related to eligibility and procedure. You can get all these details from karnataka.policerecruitments.in.

Kerala Police Recruitment

Kerala police department was formed in 1956 and since then its strength is being increased periodically. Kerala have a total population of over 3.16 crores and currently 49,149 policemen are serving in different parts of Kerala state. Kerala police recruits candidates on the basis of various criteria and Kerala PSC also contributes in the officer level recruitment in Kerala Police. If you want to get details about how recruitment is taken place and also the news about the latest vacancies, please visit, kerala.policerecuitments.in.

Maharashtra Police Recruitment

Maharashtra police department is the largest police department with more than 1.95 lakh working personnel. There are various special units are created by Maharashtra police to fight the crime and terror across the state and to stop trespassing through international borders. If you want to get selected to serve in Maharashtra police, then you need to first apply for the desired post. You can get details about the available vacancies along with the eligibility details from maharashtra.policerecruitments.in

MP Police Recruitment

Madhya Pradesh, as the name states, its situation at the center of the country and is generally pronounced as Heart of India. Madhya Pradesh police is serving well on its cause and it has been decades since when MP police is securing its state and managing law and order. Maharashtra Police recruitment 2017 details can be checked from official portal of MP police. But we will recommend you to visit mp.policerecruitments.in to get details about latest police recruitment in MP police.

Odisha Police Recruitment

Law enforcement of Odisha is managed by Odisha Police department. The department was first created in 1930 and it secures about 60,160 sq. km area which is the total area of Odisha state. These days, around 62,000 individuals are serving in Odisha Police. Concerning department is conducting recruitment to fill the new vacancies for different posts. You should be aware of the eligibility standards and latest dates for the recruitment application of Odisha police. All this information can be grabbed from odisha.policerecruitments.in.

Punjab Police Recruitment

Punjab Police was formed in the year 1861 and it was the largest police department of that time. Now, around 70,000 personnel are working under the name of Punjab police. Annual budget of Punjab police is 4600 crores. Drugs that are illegally being imported through Pakistan border is the rising day by day. Punjab police is recruiting new and stronger policemen to fight against the trespassing and drug smuggling. To check details about the recruitment in police department of Punjab state, Visit punjab.policerecruitments.in.

Rajasthan Police Recruitment

Rajasthan is the largest Indian state and it borders Punjab, Haryana, UP, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat state. A sum of total 72,000 serving individuals, Rajasthan police department has secured its place in the list of largest police departments of India. Recruitment in Rajasthan police for officer scale is conducted under RPSC and RAS. Direct recruitment for Police in Rajasthan is conducted as per the order of DGP. We have mentioned all details related to Rajasthan Police recruitment on our website and you can check it from rajasthan.policerecruitments.in

Tamilnadu Police Recruitment

With a Police:Population ratio of 1:632, Tamilnadu Police department is the 5th largest state police department of India. There are total 88,218 individual in Tamilnadu Police and each one of them is service his/her cause. Tamilnadu police is guarding total are of 130,000 sq. km which includes sea borders and internal borders. Recruitment details for Tamilnadu police constable, head constable, Sub Inspector, Home guard and warders can be easily snatched from tamilnadu.policerecruitments.in.

Telangana Police Recruitment

Telangana state was created in  June 2014. Before that, area which is coming under Telangana these days, was being guarded by Andhra Pradesh Police department. Now the employees of AP state police divided in 2 parts. Telangana Police department need more strength to maintain law and order in the Telangana state, So officials are recruiting new aspirants for Telangana state police and details about the recruitment of policemen in Telangana can be checked from from telangana.policerecruitments.in.

UP Police Recruitment

Uttar Pradesh is divided in 8 separate police zones to maintain law and order. Police department created these police zones because of the large area and population of UP state. UP Police department is recruiting new personnel to increase its strength. If you want to grab latest details about the recruitment in UP state then you need to visit the official portal of UP state police or visit up.policerecruitments.in.

Uttarakhand Police Recruitment

Uttarakhand Police department is not that large according to strength. But still its not in the list of smallest police departments of India. Uttarakhand police recruitment 2017 for various posts like Constable, Head constables, Home guard, Sub inspector, Dog handlers, Drivers and Wardens etc is being conducted bu Public Service Commission of Uttarakhand State. If you are curious to get details about the recruitment of Police personnel in UK state then visit uttarakhand.policerecruitments.in.

West Bengal Police Recruitment

West Bengal police is divided into two parts. One is West Bengal state police and another is Kolkata police department. WB police department is segregated in 3 police zones. Recruitment in West Bengal police is conducted by West Bengal Police recruitment Board and officer level recruitment is conducted by Public service commission of West Bengal state. Visit westbengal.policerecruitments.in to get all latest updates about the recruitment details of West Bengal Police.

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